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  • With a one-week lead time, C3 planned and produced an exclusive, high-end event and press conference for tech bloggers
  • With competitive events occurring on the same day, C3 created a modern breakfast cocktail party to provide an impactful first impression on a highly coveted group of mobile technology bloggers
  • Location scouting and negotiation
  • Incorporated bespoke elements designed to boost social media content and media coverage
    • LG executive and product photo ops with models
    • Product interactive station
    • Blogger charging stations with custom, secure wifi connection
    • Product-themed brunch-style cocktails and hors d’oeuvres
    • Beautifully branded floral arrangements
  • Sourced and designed full vinyl-wrap branding of luxury 20-passenger shuttles to transport bloggers to competitors’ events
  • Collaborated swiftly and efficiently with brand PR agency and marketing executives
  • Produced high-quality, branded stainless steel coffee tumblers for guests on the go

“Thank you again for all the hard work to pull off yesterday’s event on such short notice.”

Chaz Abbott, Senior Manager, Public Relations – LG Mobile U.S.