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In the festival’s early planning stages, C3 identified the Northside Festival as a monumental opportunity for Heineken to connect with influencers, increase distribution points and sell tons of beer.

  • Facilitated prestigious title: Heineken, Northside Festival Founding Sponsor
  • Since 2009, C3 has served as a communicator between Heineken USA executives and festival organizers, translating the brand’s corporate goals into successful brand positioning and activations that resonate with the festival’s sponsor-discerning audience
  • Developed and executed bespoke activations:
    • One & Done Street Team: hand-pick influential Williamsburg residents to serve as an avant-garde street team, scheduling key account visits to buy Heineken and chat with bar patrons about beer and festival bands
    • It’s All About the Beer: Deliver ice-cold 6-packs of Heineken to Williamsburg’s top vintage-wear boutiques, record stores and tattoo shops, generating surprise, delight and brand appreciation among the neighborhood’s trend leaders on the festival opening day
    • Bullhorns & Beers: Brooklyn’s most spirited Bar Crawl gains momentum and boosts beer sales at key accounts during Festival weekend
  • Amplified social media: All bespoke activation team members posted activity on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare throughout each Festival weekend, promoting the brand to their personal networks and driving traffic to key accounts
  • Develop and produce official Heineken-hosted events and locations:
    • Heineken Lounge: C3’s event designers transformed a grimy warehouse into an inviting branded space for badge holders, media, sponsors and bands to connect and enjoy a cold beer
    • Private Official Festival After-Party for select influencers and bands, King + Grove Hotel Rooftop
  • Every year since 2009, the brand has reported a significant increase in on-premise accounts, record-breaking product sales and improved POS distribution in New York City’s top trend-setting neighborhood

“Brooklyn’s answer to Austin’s South by Southwest”

The Wall Street Journal