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C3 consults with brands and their partners to recommend and reposition their approach to the marketplace. We create seamless messaging and coordinated activations that authentically fuse bold brands with their target audience.
  • Consulting at any stage of campaign planning or process
  • Revitalizing a brand image for a new generation
  • Creating an entirely new message or campaign to deliver to consumers
  • Identifying key markets, demographics and trends for brands
  • New business pitching and idea logistics research
C3 offers emotional, immersive experiences that traditional agencies can’t match. Whether you want to wow your target audience with a one-of-a-kind branded dream space or marvel them with a clever promotional stunt, C3 has the capabilities to engage consumers while keeping the core focus on results for your brand. We achieve striking designs and flawless execution by planning for every detail, including the unpredictable, ensuring our productions are strategic, functional, and on brand.
  • Custom event design with an emphasis on a cleverly branded atmosphere
  • Product launches
  • Large-scale media and consumer events
  • Intimate brand engagement events for celebrities, influencers, bloggers
  • Guerilla marketing programs
  • Strategic sampling events
  • PR stunts
Since 2000, C3 has been at the forefront of the Influencer Marketing practice. We study brand opportunities that can rely on word-of-mouth and “word-of-mouse” and identify relevant individuals that have influence over consumers. We connect the opportunities with these influencers by creating branded experiences and providing interesting talking points worth sharing with their highly coveted networks.
  • Content Marketing strategy
  • Production of content-driven event elements
  • Digital Media strategy
  • Influencer identification and activation
  • Social Media community building and engagement
  • Word-of-Mouth marketing
  • On-site Social Media amplifiers hired to attend and cover events